The Goal

We all need a goal! My daughter Jailyn is learning soccer... dribble, pass and shoot! Although she didn't know all the rules, she understood that there is a goal and the ball needs to go in it to score. (Her team is called the black bears, but they should be called the black bees because they all stay together like a swarm.) We have specific destinations for this summer Northern Ireland and Nicaragua. We won't get on a random plane and hope that it takes me to my destination, thankfully we have people in the airport that guide us to the correct gate to get to our destination. In the same way, we need a destination/goal where God is wanting us to go... Listen well... And once you know where you want to go... Let others help you get there... It takes a lot of people to get you from Philadelphia to Dublin.... From the person who works the ticket counter... to security... to the pilot... They are all necessary to get you safely to your destination!
By the way, Jailyn scored a goal in her first game! She loves the game and the competition! Achieving your goal is easier when you set one! My friend use to say you don't throw darts and then draw circles around the them and say look how good I did!
Make a goal and go after it!!