The LastLeaf Story

Lastleaf is created to strengthen families, build community and inspire a missional lifestyle.

What’s in a name?

On a fall day while I was with our girls in the backyard, I noticed a sycamore leaf. It caught my attention because of it’s shear size. The leaf was much larger than the size of my hand. As I stared at it, I felt God impress these thoughts  on my heart, ”You have until the last leaf falls - your time is short, make the most of it." When I looked up into the sycamore tree where it fell from, I saw only a few leaves left, and I watched another one fall to the ground.

Symbolically, I feel that we are in the last days or in other words, in the last season. The seasons in our lives pass quickly, sometimes before we are able to make the most of them. I believe that God is looking for individuals and families to stand strong in their faith to share the gospel clearly, at home and abroad.

Leaves and seasons are symbolic. My hope is that at every sight of a leaf, you think about the shortness of our time. At every notice of the seasons, you wonder how you can best use your talents and gifts. In the middle of the world that you’re in, you’ll consider how to authentically make a difference. And when you hug the ones closest to you, you’ll decide to make the most of every moment with them.

 What season of life do you find yourself in? 

We Believe...

  • Faith, as rooted in Jesus Christ, is the foundation for our identity, and our families
  • The family has untapped potential and purpose
  • That individuals can discover their purpose when they engage in mission
  • That children can lead and grow as a result of intentional opportunity within the family
  • That families can grow when they purpose life together
  • That seasons in our lives change, like nature, and there is opportunity to discover and grow in each season
  • Lastleaf aims to create opportunities for individuals and families to engage in those seasons to impact their world