That's Christmas to Me: Cathy Pierce

Cathy Pierce: Panama

I am in charge of a program called Hogar Jucum, which is Youth YWAM.
We have indigenous young people live with us so they have the opportunity to go to high school.
They live in areas where there are no high schools.
I have 3 girls living with me right now. I have been doing this for the last 7 years.

Since I work with many staff volunteers, we usually have dinner on Christmas Day together.
We have many people from around the world, so we get to hear about many traditions that others have and get to eat food from other countries.

My favorite tradition is putting up the tree on Christmas Eve!
My family did it before that night, but I always liked to do it the night of Christmas Eve.

I love going to Christmas Eve service at church. It is a fun time to celebrate the special day of Christ's birth.