Becky Jackson's Story

University of Valley Forge (Nicaragua)

"My experience in Nicaragua was heart and life changing. The awesome part is that not only does that apply to me, but to our whole team. I know that because I got to watch their hearts and lives change too! There are not enough words to describe how meaningful it was to minister to the children in the children’s home and the students in school assemblies. I got to share my testimony on multiple occasions, and one time that sticks out to me is when I got to share at a pastor’s conference. The country is beautiful and God did a work in me that is still prominent months later. I believe he used my team and I to change and speak into the lives of others as well."

Kelsi hoovers's Story

Messiah College (Nicaragua)

"I’ve had the privilege of going to Nicaragua three times, and every time it gets harder to say goodbye. The most recent trip I got to be a part of, we were able to actually stay in dorms next to the orphanage. Having the opportunity to live around the kids during any free time we had was easily one of my favorite experiences. Something they don’t tell you about missions trips is that, even though you think you’re going to help and make them happy, they end up teaching you a few things about what happiness truly looks like. Those kids end up changing your life, and that’s why it’s so hard to say goodbye."

Mikey Arthurs's Story

Antrim, Northern Ireland. (Nicaragua)

"Nicaragua was an unreal experience for me, I loved every minute of it-met some amazing people and still now we share our faith with each other 4000 miles away through Skype.  I cannot pick one moment of the trip as my favourite and could spend all day sharing about it. For me I enjoyed speaking in churches, for those who know me it's not really my calling, but I spoke to many people all over Nicaragua, from the poorest to the richest, the eldest to the youngest. We also had the opportunity to minister every place we went and in doing so saw many healings; not just physical but emotional too. The food distribution was another highlight; one day we headed up into the mountains and fed the poorest people I've ever seen in my life. Their gratitude reflected how in reaching out we were sharing God's love. My personal highlight was when we had the chance to pray for a young girl who was maybe no more than 11 years old and she had a twisted leg. So we began to pray for her. It was a calm and quiet day outside and I prayed aloud: "God blow the roof of this house with your healing power", then a strong gust of wind blew in the hut! Keeping in mind there was no wind before or after that. The girl was not instantly healed, however there was something very significant in that moment and God was speaking to all of us.  Since returning from Nicaragua I've been so much more thankful for what God has given to me for family, friends, church, food, weather etc.

My advice if you are planning on going on a missions team-forget about the money-if God wants you there, you'll be there. That's what he did for me. Faith is believing, not seeing."